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Connecting to Private VA server and, at other times, connect to Public server.

What is needed to connect to a private server at times, but connect to a public server at other times?

I do not want to create log-in problems with the Private VA server by a few months in public server
if I choose to fly a multi-player with a party that is not a member of the VA.

Hello drmckee, you have several choices:

1) you can stay connected on your private server and use the global function (on the web site multijoueur -> choisir un serveur and enabling global) This feature make you visible on other servers where players choose same global visibility.Then only people are chosing global can cross server

2) in the same menu multijoueur , you can choose free server (serveur libre 1, 2 or 3) and wait a while, at least 30 sec,   FFS2PLay will switch automaticaly on the free server. When you need to back on private one, just select it again and wait.

For these operation, your FFS2Play need to be running and connected on website.

Do not hesitate to ask us more help if my explains are not clear 🙂