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Greyed out pilot, checked all of the help tips but no change

One of my pilots has just changed his ISP. Everything worked up until the change. He has tried everything on your help thread but still greyed out. He has also tried the following:

Everything works great. But FFS2 is greyed
SimAcars works
Little navmap
I tested a p2p application and it works
have my ports opens in the router and windows
rebooted router to defaults
can ping the server
can ping the site

a complete mistery

Any help appreciated.

Hi, gray color mean the Peer 2 Peer not work properly. This is a duplex communication Peer A -> Peer B and peer B -> Peer A. If one of this connexion not work properly, the sync cannot be achieve and icon still gray.
FFS2Play use UDP port to listen incoming traffic from peers. I a normal way, FFS2P send to router an upnp request to open port dynamically. Maybe the new router disable UPNP. In this cas, your pilot should open the good port manually on the router and forward it on the good Local IP address. The port can be changed on the P2P dialog of FFS2P if needed.
Once P2P work in the both ways, the icon should be green.
If you need more assistance, I’m available the evening (19:00 – 21:00 UTC)

If you want check that P2P work correctly with the new ISP, you can use a tool called SocketTest
Two persons are needed to make this test.
The pilot who encounter issue start sockettest has udp server on the same port of FFS2Play (keep FFS2play off to avoid port conflict) and the second person start socket test has udp client and try to send text , for example “Hello” . If Port forwarding work on the router, the udp server should receive correctly the “hello” message.
Hope that will help you …

Thanks for the help, but as it turns out it was an ISP issue. His new ISP blocks port forwarding. So according to them, he has to pay for a static IP in order to allow port forwarding. We'll know in a few days how that works out. Thanks for your assistance.

Hello, that's a shame … We know there's a shortage of IPV4 , but I think the real reason for IP sharing is done to avoid illegal P2P downloading … In Belgium , an ISP practice this kind of politic, but it enable free private dynamic IPV4 with a hard to find option in admin pages (small letter option in bottom of page 🙂 )
On FFS2Play we arlready encountering issue about roaming people on hotel or public areas that does't enable port forwarding. We studies about a solution, as for example give the way for P2P user to become server in TCP. That kind of connexion can degrade the quality of motion, but can help.